About Us

Diva Girl Spa Parties was started back in 2011 by mom & daughter duo Jen & Ryan. With Jen being a single mom of 4 girls, she loved to pamper & entertain all of her own little Divas when they were growing up. Ryan, her oldest daughter & Jen came up with the idea of Diva Girl Spa Parties after a good friend suggested she would be an excellent host to put a fabulous party together, & the rest was history.

Over the years Jen & Ryan have hosted hundreds of parties together & now all of Jen’s girls are involved with Diva Girl Spa Parties. Whether it’s planning the parties or hosting them, this small family business has years of experience doing fabulous parties for hundreds of Divas!

Diva Girls would love throw a Spa Party with you & your little Diva! To get in contact with us today about booking your own Diva Girl Spa Party Click Here! Or if you are ready to start the party planning Book Now! If you have any unanswered questions about the Spa Parties head over to our What you need to know!